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| Bomns for Linux README |

System Requirements
- SDL - get the latest version at
- SDL_mixer - get the latest version at
- GTK - you'll need GTK2 for the newest launcher, although there is a GTK
  1.2.x version of the launcher you can use
- The header files for those libraries

Bomns for Linux uses CMake as its build system.  You can read the INSTALL
file for details, but the installation basically boils down to:

  mkdir -p build
  cd build
  cmake ..
  sudo make install

This, by default, will build and install "bomns" (the main game), "bomnsedit"
(the level editor), and "bomnslauncher" (the GTK2 game launcher).  At some
point you will be able to configure what is and isn't built -- but not yet!
(Unless you know your way around CMake.) 

Playing Bomns for Linux
The gameplay of Bomns for Linux is quite simple: just move around the level,
picking up powerups and avoiding powerdowns, all the while laying bomns and
plotting your opponent's desctruction.  A bomn will do 5 damage to the other
player, and running into them will do 1 damage.  The first to kill their
opponent before the time runs out is declared the winner.

Player one controls:
  Move      : arrow keys
  Drop Bomn : enter

Player two controls:
  Move      : w,a,s,d
  Drop Bomn : spacebar

Other controls:
  Enter/exit fullscreen mode: f
  Quit current game         : escape

Configuring Bomns for Linux
Bomns reads its configuration from a file called "~/.bomnsrc", which will be
created the first time you run the game.  This is a simple text file, fairly
well-commented, and it can be easily edited.  Of course this should never be
necessary, because you can just use the launcher, as described below.

Using the Bomns for Linux Launcher
The launcher is what you can use to customize your Bomns playing experience.
There are several values you can change, and most of them are self-explanatory
(and tooltipped, at that).  Some things to note: in the "Game Settings"
section there is a text entry box where you can either type in a level file
to play, or open a file selection dialog to choose the level to load.  This
will only have an effect if you choose to "Load Level From File", as opposed
to "Generate Random Level".  Also: if you choose to "Load Level From File", but
fail to choose a level file to load, Bomns will just generate a random level.
Clicking on the "Editor" button will launch the level editor, using the level
file name specified in the text box, or if that is empty, "default.lvl" in the
current directory.

Using the Level Editor
The Bomns for Linux level editor is a fairly simple tool you can use to create
your own custom levels in which to play.  Use the keyboard or mouse to create
a level, then press F2 to save it to the filename specified either on the
command line, or with the launcher.  The most crucial keyboard commands are
layed out on the bottom of the editor screen, but here are the full controls:

Keyboard Controls:
  Move cursor         : arrow keys
  Stamp tile          : s, spacebar, enter
  Delete tile         : d, delete
  Next tile           : page up
  Previous tile       : page down
  Select tile         : 1-9
  Test level in Bomns : l
  Fullscreen mode     : f
  Save level          : F2
  Clear level         : F12
  Exit editor         : escape

Mouse Controls:
  Move cursor   : mouse
  Stamp tile    : left click
  Delete tile   : right click
  Next tile     : mouse wheel up
  Previous tile : mouse wheel down



I wrote this game in high school, cut me some slack. Ugly code (note the confounding use of Hungarian notation), but still damn fun to play!




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