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Clowder Python Client

This is the python repository for the Clowder python client.

How to install

sudo pip install clowder

How to test

Basic example for tracking memory usage on server Create a python file

import clowder
import psutil

clowder.api_key = '29rTtCyrBfZvABBMMbne'

   'name': 'Memory Utilization',
   'value': psutil.phymem_usage().percent

How to use

Run the file and make sure it works


Then create a cron job to run every 5 minutes

*/5 * * * * python


Passed as python dictionary

  • name: (string - REQUIRED) A unique name for the check. All checks with this name will be combined.
  • url: (string - optional) The url to send data to. Defaults to
  • value: (float - optional) The value of the check (such as response time, queue length, rows processed, etc.)
  • status: (integer - optional) Whether our not the check is passing (1, 0, -1). If failing, an alert is send.
  • frequency: (integer - optional) Duration in minutes until next check. If time passes without check, alert sounds.
  • alert: (function - optional) A lamdba function that passes or fails based on value