An Rdio app used to demo Backbone.js
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What's This?

Check it out! Arrrrdio

It's the app I used to talk about how Backbone apps are written at the inaugural meeting of BayQuery.

Start 'er up

Install node first if you don't have it, then:

  • clone the project
  • node app.js
  • localhost:3080

If you have an Rdio account, you can hit localhost:3080/oauth/login and auth the app via your Rdio account. Otherwise it will only play 30 second clips of songs but everything should work still.

What's node have to do with it?

the node app just acts as a proxy to the Rdio API, which only accepts POST requests, so because of the limitations of cross-domain XHR, couldn't be achieved with just client side JS.

So, Backbone calls the node backend which calls the Rdio API then returns that to Backbone on the client.