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I found the trains problem to be the most interesting of the 3 problems given to me to solve. I believe the other 2 would be much easier, so I decided to go with the hardest.

At first glance of the problem, I noticed that it was a "Travelling Salesman" type problem. Interstingly enough, I've solved a similar problem in C++ before which can be seen on my GitHub page:

After further looking into the problem, I realised that it wasn't so easy as using the normal algorithims used to solve the "Travelling Salesman" problem. Paths are not mutual, and nor do they have the same weighting.

I have satisfied all the criteria supplied. My test suite sets up a dataset as described in the problem, and I have automated tests to ensure that my code works as described.

To run the test suite, simply run:

bundle && bundle exec rake

This will install the dependencies using bundler and run the test suite.

Tools Used

  • Ruby 1.9.2-p290
  • RSpec
  • Rake
  • Bundler
  • RVM