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F#: building async data structures on top of MailboxProcessor

I'm just diving into using async workflows in F# and they're great. If you're not familliar with what async workflows are and how they work I recommend:

MailboxProcessor allows asynchronous tasks to communicate with eachother but one thing you'll notice when you read the doc is that it "... encapsulates a message queue that supports multiple-writers and a single reader agent", which doesn't quite fit my current need. I need for my tasks to be able to communicate through a message queue that supports many readers and many writers with a guarantee that a message will only be read once.

Wrapping MailboxProcessor to allow for many readers

We can implement a concurrent data structure on top of MailboxProcessor that allows many readers and many writers (here I implemented a stack because delivery order and fairness doesn't matter for my use case):

{% highlight ocaml %} type StackMessage<'Item> = | PushMsg of 'Item | PopMsg of AsyncReplyChannel<'Item> | PopAllAndQuitMsg of AsyncReplyChannel<'Item array>

type AsyncStack<'Item> () = let goAgent (inbox : MailboxProcessor>) = let rec processNextMsg (stack : 'Item list) (deferredPops : AsyncReplyChannel<'Item> list) = async { let! nextMsg = inbox.Receive () match (nextMsg : StackMessage<'Item>) with | PushMsg item -> match deferredPops with | [] -> return! processNextMsg (item :: stack) deferredPops | popHead :: popTail -> popHead.Reply item return! processNextMsg stack popTail | PopMsg popReplyChan -> match stack with | [] -> return! processNextMsg stack (popReplyChan :: deferredPops) | headItem :: stackTail -> popReplyChan.Reply headItem return! processNextMsg stackTail deferredPops | PopAllAndQuitMsg popReplyChan -> popReplyChan.Reply (Array.ofList stack) return () }

    processNextMsg [] []

let agent = MailboxProcessor.Start goAgent

member this.Push (item : 'Item) = agent.Post (PushMsg item)
member this.Pop () = agent.PostAndAsyncReply (fun replyChan -> PopMsg replyChan)
member this.PopAllAndQuit () =
    agent.PostAndAsyncReply (fun replyChan -> PopAllAndQuitMsg replyChan)

{% endhighlight %}

What about BlockingCollection?

One of the nice things about F# is that we can directly use the full .Net library in our F# code (even if some of it isn't so elegant when used in functional code). I think you could just as well use BlockingCollection to solve this problem but if you do be very careful not to block your async tasks since that will cause the threadpool to explode if you have many readers.

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