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2012-03-10 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.98 released.
* Add option to select server-side UDP port.
* Restrict default UDP port range to 60000..61000.
* Use TERM / terminfo to decide when to send ECH sequence.
* Now works properly inside tmux.
2012-03-07 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.97 released.
* Merged Mac OS X port (thanks to Quentin Smith and Anders Kaseorg)
* Server will quit if no connection within first 60 seconds
* Startup script no longer requires threaded Perl
* Add --enable-compile-warnings=error to ./configure
* Fix some flicker issues with adaptive prediction mode
2012-02-26 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.96 released.
* Compress all instructions with zlib
2012-02-25 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.95 released.
* Make echo acknowledgment reliable to reduce spurious mispredict detections.
* Require two dropped heartbeats before showing blue bar of lost contact
* Print newline before MOSH CONNECT string to make more robust if intermediate keys hit
* Disable ControlMaster in initial SSH connection so proxy is always used
* Make retransmissions occur at frame rate (vs. every 3 seconds) for limited time after loss
2012-02-15 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.94 released.
* Make man pages
* Replace C++11 features (lambda and auto) with boost equivalents
(Anders Kaseorg)
* Now builds with g++ or clang (with libstdc++)
2012-02-13 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.93 released.
* Make utmp entries
2012-02-13 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.92 released.
* Allows user to select prediction mode (always/never/adaptive)
* Fix bug in server startup on slow hosts
* Better prediction when deleting at line ending
2012-02-09 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.91 released.
* Startup script support SSH options and aliases (Anders Kaseorg)
* End use of Path MTU discovery and allow IP fragmentation because,
e.g., Cisco VPN has MTU of 1200 and does not pass ICMP too-big.
* Better exception and error handling.
* Restrict predictive local echo display to long-delay links
(>60 ms RTT) or for temporarily after a "glitch." Otherwise simply
show server echos, while maintaining prediction overlay in the
background in case it is needed.
2012-02-07 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.9b released.
* Improvements to build system (Anders Kaseorg)
2012-02-06 Keith Winstein <>
* Version 0.9 released.
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