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Paul Miller Is Offline

Android App; countdown to the end of Verge editor Paul Miller's self-imposed exile from the internet.

Google Play

Turns out any old schmuck can go publish stuff on Google Play, as evidenced by

Licence / License

The code in this project is dual-licensed, albeit under a pair of compatible licenses.

Firstly it is available under the GNU General Public License version 3 ("GPLv3"), with the "or later" clause. A copy of the GPL is available in this source repository.

The code is also exlicitly licensed under copyleft-next 0.2.1 or later. Although in principle this shouldn't matter since copyleft-next is GPL compatible, it seemed reasonable to explicitly dual-license.

Note that this is merely the code; anything involving Paul Miller or his employer may well fall under other legal terms.

Furthermore, the background and app icon images used were originally created by The Verge user Andrew Rockefeller who has stated that he is ok with people using the images.