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-"matching_threshold" : Matching Threshold for deciding loop closure
-"distance" : Nearest neighbor distance
-"hessian" : Hessain Threshold, All the descriptors which has threshold greater than hessian.
-"noOfDescriptors" : Number of descriptors per image
-"candidates" : Number of verification candidates
-"loopProbability" : Loop Closure Probability : Minimum probability to go for geometrical verification.
<arg name="matching_threshold" default="15" />
<arg name="distance" default="0.3" />
<arg name="hessian" default="100" />
<arg name="noOfDescriptors" default="1000" />
<arg name="candidates" default="1" />
<arg name="loopProbability" default="0.1" />
<remap from="rgb/image" to="/camera/rgb/image_color" />
<node pkg="bowpmap_ros" type="bowpMapping_ros" name="bowpMapping_ros" output="screen" cwd="node">
<param name="MATCHING_THRESHOLD" type="double" value="$(arg matching_threshold)"/>
<param name="DIST_RATIO" type="double" value="$(arg distance)"/>
<param name="HESSAIN_THRESHOLD" type="int" value="$(arg hessian)"/>
<param name="DESCRIPTORS_PER_IMAGE" type="int" value="$(arg noOfDescriptors)"/>
<param name="NO_OF_VERIFICATION_CANDIDATES" type="int" value="$(arg candidates)"/>
<param name="LOOP_CLOSURE_HYPOTHESIS_THRESHOLD" type="double" value="$(arg loopProbability)"/>
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