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Visual editor to create nassi-shneiderman diagrams.

This is an old school project of mine. It is one of my first personal java projects and I implemented it in 2010/2011.
That's why the code is like a beginner's code and it is written in german.
I decided to publish it, because there are some change requests, mostly from teachers, and I don't find time to implement them.


Feel free to contribute to this project via PullRequests.
Please write new code and git commit messages in english. Texts, that are shown in the UI, should still be german.
Automatic tests would be awesome.

Generate runnable jar

Clone or download this repo and open a terminal.
In Windows Powershell run

.\mvnw.cmd clean package

In Linux or Mac terminal run

chmod +x mvnw
./mvnw clean package

When finished a file target/struktogrammeditor-1.7.2-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar is generated.
When you have Java installed locally, then you can run it by double click
or run java -jar struktogrammeditor-1.7.2-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar in the terminal.

Download via Jitpack

Download of the latest runnable jar of master branch struktogrammeditor.jar, Buildlog