IL2C - A translator implementation of .NET intermediate language to C language.
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IL2C - A translator implementation of .NET intermediate language to C language.

Provider Result
AppVeyor (.NET 4.5 / .NET Core 2.0) AppVeyor (.NET 4.5 / .NET Core 2.0)
CircleCI (.NET Core 2.0) CircleCI (.NET Core 2.0)
SonerCloud Quality Gate

What's this?

  • IL2C is a translator implementation of .NET intermediate language to C language, and the project for step-by-step designing and video recording.

  • IL2C's implementation priorities:

    • Better predictability for runtime cost.
    • Better code portability.
  • Public YouTube recorded videos: "Making archive IL2C play list"

    • "How to create IL2C or same tool of IL2CPP? This video contains pure design process through concept and details."

Very simple translation sample

Original C# source code:

namespace il2c_test_target
    public class Hoge1
        public static int Add1(int a, bool isTwo)
            return a + (isTwo ? 2 : 1);

Translate to C by Milestone 3 version:

int32_t il2c_test_target_Hoge1_Add1(int32_t a, bool isTwo)
    int32_t local0;

    int32_t __stack0_0;
    int32_t __stack1_0;

    __stack0_0 = a;
    __stack1_0 = isTwo ? 1 : 0;
    if (__stack1_0 != 0) goto L_0000;
    __stack1_0 = 1;
    goto L_0001;
    __stack1_0 = 2;
    __stack0_0 = __stack0_0 + __stack1_0;
    local0 = __stack0_0;
    goto L_0002;
    __stack0_0 = local0;
    return __stack0_0;


Under Apache v2.

Related informations

Overall status

TODO: Writing...

IL translation features

Support IL opcodes

Issue Status Milestone
add Partial supported M1
ldc family Partial supported M1
ldarg family Partial supported M2
ldloc family Partial supported M2
stloc family Partial supported M2
ldfld family Partial supported M2
stfld family Partial supported M3
call family Partial supported M3
ret Supported M1
initobj Supported M3
newobj Partial supported


Support primitive types

Issue Status Milestone
System.Byte Supported M2
System.SByte Supported M2
System.Int16 Supported M2
System.UInt16 Supported M2
System.Int32 Supported M1
System.Int64 Supported M1
System.Boolean Supported M2
System.Void Partial supported M2
System.IntPtr Partial supported

Support basic types

Issue Status Milestone
System.Object Partial supported
System.ValueType Partial supported
System.String Partial supported
Value types Partial supported M3
Class types Partial supported
Managed reference Partial supported M3
Unmanaged pointer
Enum types
Delegate types
Interface types Partial supported
Nested types
Class inherits Partial supported
Interface implements Partial supported
Array types
Multi dimensional array types
Closed generic types
Open generic types (not support) -

Support type members

Issue Status Milestone
Static field Partial supported M3
Instance field Partial supported M3
Static method Partial supported M3
Instance method Partial supported M3
Virtual method (class) Supported
Virtual method (interface) Partial supported
Interop method (extern static) Partial supported
Internal method (internal call)
Constructor Partial supported
Constructor (ValueType) Partial supported M3
Type initializer
Static property
Instance property
Static event
Instance event

Support metadata handling

Issue Status Milestone
Value type scopes Partial supported M3
Class type scopes Partial supported
Enum type scopes
Delegate type scopes
Interface type scopes Partial supported
Nested type scopes
Field scopes Partial supported M3
Method scopes Partial supported M3
Property scopes
Event scopes
Can handle reflection (not support) -

Support runtime relates

Issue Status Milestone
Referenced instance handler Partial supported
Value type boxed instance handler Partial supported
Collect unused instance (GC) Partial supported
Heap compaction (GC)
Monitor lock features
Platform invoke (P/Invoke) Partial supported
Can handle unsafe pointers
Can handle marshaling features (Marshal)

Application lifecycle managements

Issue Status Milestone
Basic commandline driver Partial supported M2
MSBuild (old/Task handler)
MSBuild (new/.NET Core CLI)
Platform independent core library
Host platform on .NET 4.5 Supported M1
Host platform on .NET Core 1 (not support) -
Host platform on .NET Core 2 Supported
Host platform on mono
Support C99 compilers Supported M1
Support non C99 (ANSI) compilers Supported
Support better C code output via C++ symbol declarations
Support continuous integrations Partial supported

Took pictures on design process

  • #6-6: Near milestones

    #6-6: Near milestones

  • #6-14: Data flow analysis

    #6-14: Data flow analysis

  • Milestone 1: Tested on VC++ and we checked how C compiler's optimizer work.

    Milestone 1: Tested on VC++ and we checked how C compiler's optimizer work

  • #6-48: How works mark-and-sweep garbage collection on translated code.

    #6-48: How works mark-and-sweep garbage collection on translated code