A Burp Plugin to automate authorization testing.
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Otter is a Burp Suite plugin that automates authorization testing. Its premise is simple: as a user walks an application with the browser, a value identifying one user is replaced with a value identifying another. In many cases, this will make testing application access controls as simple as browsing the application.

otter's design goals

  • Be easy to use: Requiring several configuration options is a hassle. Setup and usage should be trivial.

  • Be unbiased: Otter will not attempt to identify authorization flaws. It presents information as-is, and lets the user decide.

  • Be generally useful: Otter should be useful in most cases. It will not make assumptions about how APIs typically work.


  • Download Jython (Otter was tested with Jython 2.7.0) and point Burp towards this JAR: "Extender" -> "Options" -> "Python Environment".

  • Install the Burp extension: "Extender" -> "Extensions" -> "Add" -> "Extension Type: Python" -> Browse to otter.py.

  • Otter will ignore requests based on your scope configuration: "Target" -> "Scope".

  • Configure your session match-and-replace in otter's "Settings" tab. Only requests that include the "String to Match" somewhere in the request will be modified and re-sent. Unmodified requests are noted in the UI with the "Request Modified?" column.

  • Otter also supports multiple match-and-replace values. These values are provided via a comma-separated list. For example, the match string "abc,def" and the replace string "123,456" will replace "abc" with "123" for all in-scope requests.

why "otter"?

It sounds similar to "Author".