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An MVC Twitter URL generator built with JavaScript
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Thisin' That

This a little application to help me store, format, and submit Twitter share URLS. I used this project to practice implementing the MVC design pattern in vanilla JavaScript.

What it does is collect information about something I want to share:

  • creator - the person, usually an artist, responsible for the
  • work - the name the work is known by
  • url - a location where the work can be experienced
  • "this" statement - a statement starting with "this" that somehow describes the work or my perception of the work

This data is then used to construct a URL which can be used to open and populate a Twitter compose window.

Here's an example URL:,TSMMH&url=

This URL opens a Twitter compose window with the following info populated:

Chica Libre - Popcorn Andino #ThisSongMakesMeHungry #TSMMH

^ What's strange is that a space gets prepended to the URL. It also doesn't seem possible to reorder the url and hashtags. Ideally the hashtags would be on their own line.

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