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Kelda Documentation

The Kelda documentation is located at This directory contains the Markdown files that are used to generate those docs. We do not recommend directly browing the Markdown files, because the links are designed to work properly for the HTML version of the page, and will not work correctly in the Markdown version.

If you're a developer and you'd like to build the docs, run make in this directory:

$ make

This command will clone two other repositories into the build folder: one with our JSDoc template, which helps to compile the JSDoc in the Kelda JavaScript into HTML; and a second with Slate, which combines the Markdown files here and the JSDoc HTML into a single HTML page. Slate requires Ruby and bundler, so you will need to install those if you don't already have them; e.g., using Homebrew:

$ brew install ruby
$ gem install bundler # gem is Ruby's equivalent of make.

For more information about Slate and its dependencies, refer to the our Slate fork.