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Software development for Kimai and Kimai-Cloud

Hey, this is Keleo - the company behind Kimai 👋

We’ve been doing this since 2017. That's when we made our first commit to the new Kimai. We are happy to know that we are helping thousands of companies and freelancers across the 🌎 with their (project) time-tracking workflows.

Our philosophy

The open source community is the 💗 heart of Kimai and fundamental to how we build software today.

We love open source, benefit from open source, sponsor open source, create and contribute to open source. You could say we live and breathe open source daily.

Our open source plugins

Some plugins were created because we think they are useful for every Kimai user. And some plugins were created on customer behalf, thus sponsored for the benefit of the entire community. Thank you 🙏


  1. DemoBundle Public

    A Kimai 2 demo bundle for developers, who want to extend their time-tracking experience

    PHP 13 8

  2. A Kimai 2 bundle that forces a recalculation of the rate on every timesheet record change

    PHP 3 3

  3. Kimai 2 bundle to add custom CSS rules to your installation.

    PHP 10 7

  4. Fail2Ban plugin for Kimai 2 to prevent automated attacks

    PHP 4 2

  5. Kimai extension to configure a language, which will be used to format money, date and time values in invoices

    PHP 2 2

  6. Configure certain activities as deduction time, resulting in negative durations for timesheets.

    PHP 1


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