Manifold-valued Image Restoration Toolbox
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Manifold-valued Image Restoration Toolbox

A subset of the Camino Toolkit Human Head DT-MRI data set using the viridis colormap.

maintained by Ronny Bergmann

written by Ronny Bergmann Johannes Persch

In many application measured data appears nonlinear, i.e. restricted in a certain range or equipped with a different distance measure.

This toolbox provides an easy access to image processing tasks for such data, where the values of each measurement are points on a manifold. You can get started by downloading the source code from Github or by cloning the git-repository using

    git clone

Examples are InSAR imaging or when working with phase data, i.e. on the circle 𝕊¹, or Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), where every data items are an n ⨉ n symmetric positive definite matrices, 𝒫(n).

see for the complete documentation.