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Hearthstone Card Search App

This Node.js/Express app uses the HearthstoneJSON API and lets you search Hearthstone® cards and filter by multiple classes, sets, types, rarities, tribes, and mechanics.

Hearthstone is an online collectible card game by Blizzard and I'm not associated with them but have created this app in accordance to policy in the Blizzard FAQ.


Hearthstone Card Search App - Animated gif demo

Demo the app online at

Run App in Local Environment

Initial Setup

Install dependencies:

npm install


This should be run initially, and then anytime the client-side JavaScript (public/js/app.js) is updated. It will create bundle.js in the public/js folder. It is needed to make the npm package slim-select available to client-side code.

npm run build

Run App

Run app in dev mode (uses nodemon to restart server when files change. Press Ctrl-C to stop server):

npm run dev

Run app:

npm run start

Update Card Data and Card Sets

Update Card Data

After a new card expansion comes out (or any time you know of an update being made to cards) run npm run getCards to save card data from the HearthstoneJSON API to data/cards.json.

If any new card sets have been added to the game that aren't yet in data/card-sets.json, a message will be logged to the console with set codes for sets that need to be manually added to it. To manually add a set, you'll need to first find the full set name that goes with the set code and then add an item to the array in data/card-sets.json (put the set code as the value for "type"):


{"type": "DALARAN",
 "name": "Rise of Shadows",
 "format": "standard"}

Once any new sets have been manually added, delete data/card-sets-to-manually-add.json and rerun npm run getCards.

Update Mechanics

Each new expansion normally adds some cards featuring new mechanics. To add any new mechanics to the "Mechanics" filter, add the new mechanic to the array in data/mechanics-list.json.


  {"type": "TWINSPELL",
   "name": "Twinspell"}

Note that "type" is what the API calls the mechanic, and name is the name to display in the filter. Sometimes, unfortunately the name the API gives it isn't the correct name, for instance it calls the Magnetic mechanic "Modular".

You can get a list of mechanics by running npm run updateMechanics which will put all unique mechanics from cards in data/cards.json in mechanics-list-raw.json and you could look through that file to figure it out. Note that I don't use all the mechanics in that file in the filter (See comment at the top of mechanics-list-raw.json for more info.)

Update Tribes

When and if a new tribe (ie. dragon, murloc, mech, etc) is added to cards, run npm run updateTribes to update the tribes that you can filter by.

Browser Compatibility

IE is not currently supported.

Known issues with IE:

  • Inputs on the sidebar do not work. The form attribute is used to associate inputs outside of the search form with the form. To add support for IE, either research and find an HTML 5 polyfill that supports the form attribute, or refactor to use hidden inputs in the search form that get updated with data from the sidebar inputs when the form is submitted.

Technologies Used


Code is licensed under the MIT License.

Note that if you use Blizzard trademarks in association with the code, it's up to you to follow their policies.

Trademark Info

Hearthstone is a trademark or registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Node.js/Express app that lets you search and filter Hearthstone Cards with data from the HearthstoneJSON API DEMO:





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