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PiGRRL Switch

An emulation console based off of Adafruit's PiGRRL and styled after the Nintendo Switch


Below is the BOM for a single controller and console:

  1. FauxCon Controller ..* Arduino Pro Minis (x1) ..* HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 Modules (x1) ..* 6mm Tactile Switch (x8) ..* 12mm Tactile Switch (x2) ..* LiPo Battery (x1) ..* 3D Printed Case (x1)
  2. PiGRRL Body ..* 7-inch Electrow Screen (x1) ..* Raspberry Pi 3 (x1) ..* HDMI Splitter (x1) ..* HDMI Cable (x2) ..* LiPo Battery (x1) ..* PowerBoost 1000 (x1) ..* 3D Printed Case (x1)
  3. Dock ..* HDMI Cable (x1) ..* USB Charger with micro connector (x1) ..* 3D printed Holder (x1)


The firmware for the FauxCon controllers executes the following steps:

  1. Connect and set up the HM-10 module
  2. Rename the HM-10 to a unique identifier
  3. Read the state of all of the connected buttons
  4. Transmit the button states to the Raspberry Pi


The software runs on the Raspberry Pi in the background on startup. The FauxCons need to be manually connected to the console. It executes the following steps:

  1. Determines the number of separate FauxCons connected to the console
  2. Creates a separate uinput device for each controller
  3. Reads the button states from each controller and converts presses into uinput events