A Meteor.JS Hue lights control panel for my Raspberry Pi.
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Hue Panel

A lightweight Meteor.JS Hue lights control panel.

###Quick Install

If you have NodeJS and Meteor already installed, setup is as simple as running meteor from the app directory.


  • Install Node: http://nodejs.org
  • Install Meteor: curl https://install.meteor.com | /bin/sh


The first time you launch Hue Panel you'll need to authenticate the application with your Hue lights API.

  • Open the control panel in your browser: http://your_local_ip:3000
  • Push the button on your Hue Bridge
  • You now have 30 seconds to run back to your browser and reload the page

###Options for Deploying

Now that you've tested the app, you may want to set it up to run all the time. There are a couple of options for this.

First thing's first. The app needs to live on the same LAN as the lights it will be controlling.

Next, you could do a proper production deployment.

Or (much easier) since it will only ever be accessed over the local network, just run it in the background, using the dev server: meteor &