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This is the bulk of the codebase behind

I've decided to open source much of the code, so others can learn from it and/or use it to build their own version.

What does do?

The site performs four simple tasks:

  • It's a URL shortener
  • It's a file sharing site
  • It lets you easily share Markdown-formatted text
  • It's a smple pastebin for some popular web languages

How to set it up:

If you want to set up the code for your own use, you'll need to do a few things first:

  • Edit the app-config.json file and enter yoru S3 credentails and site site URL.
  • Run bundler (bundle install) to install gems.
  • Migrate the database (rake db:migrate)
  • Style it! - Sorry, you get the included Pulp files, but the custom CSS has been removed.
  • Add any desired JavaScript goodness.

Where to go from here?

There are a few interesting things you could do from here.

  • More/better restrictions on S3 uploads
  • Upload directly to S3 rather than going through the app
  • Mask the S3 URL for downloads
  • Switch to MySQL or PgSQL in production.
  • Click tracking & analytics
  • Add support for more languages to the pastebin
  • Add support for revisions to the pastebin


This code is released under a CC Attribution Share-Alike Noncommercial license.

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