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Shiny in Production

This repository contains code, slides, and exercises to support the 2019 rstudio::conf Shiny in Production workshop.

A rough directory structure is:

app.R: The primary application

  • use_models.R: Supporting function that enables the models used by the app
  • *.RDS`: Saved models used by the app
  • config.yml: Specifies the database connection info used by the app

tests: Contains tests for the app (to be covered in the course) runloadtest.R: File that walks through the load testing exercises (to be covered in the class) answers: Contains supporting code / outputs to be generated by the course exercises alternatives: Code showing how our app code be reimplemented as a report or re-architected to use an API generate_fake_student_data: Contains the code used to generate the fake data and model provision: Contains information about the package environment used for the course

Finally, Shiny in Production.pdf contains the course slides.

In addition, a range of supplemental materials are organized into a book located at: