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One hundred sketches

This repo contains the sketches from my One hundred sketches project. Many of the sketches are code based but the project isn't exclusively about programming. Included here are most of my source files for the sketches. I included a thumbnails as well as a description of how I made the sketches where applicable.

You can see the project page at: []

01 SelfPortrait

This is a stippled self portrait. I used a combination of hand drawn lines and stippling on top of a stippled photograph of myself.

Tools: Illustrator, StippleGen2 from Evil Mad Scientist

02 NeonAlphabet

Blender experiment in creating Neon

Tools: Blender

03 Sverchok

First experiment with the Node-based parametric modeling system Sverchok inside Blender.

Tools: Blender, Sverchok addon

04 SverchokType

Using Sverchok to create columns of characters.

Tools: Blender, Sverchok addon

05 SverchokWall

Using Sverchok to create a wall of randomly rotated bricks/stones.

Tools: Blender, Sverchok addon

06 SumoMouse

Two-person mouse game where each players uses a mouse to try to knock the other out of a circle.

Tools: p5.js

07 PanoramaWalk

Panoramic photographs of my walk home from work. No source files.

Tools: iPhone panoramic tool.

08 Panoramas

More experiments with the iPhone's panoramic tool. No source files.

Tools: iPhone panoramic tool.

09 NewNormal

Blender animation that experiments with animating/misusing normalsfor backgrounds and textures.

Tools: Blender

10 Ripple

Blender animation that creates a rippled not-quite-realistic liquid surface. Link to animation:

Tools: Blender

11 PaperJSTiles

Generates decorative square patterns (tiles) using Paper.js

Tools: Paper.js

12 Facade

Blender scene of an unusual facade.

Tools: Blender

13 ParticleImage

Animation of particles forming an image formed from particles.

Tools: Blender

14 Sidewalk of Theseus

A poem.

15 Colored landscape

Hyper-colored 3D landscape.

Tools: Blender

16 Smokestacks

Blender animation of an industrial site at night. Link to animation:

Tools: Blender

17 Street light

Blender scene of a telephone pole with street light.

Tools: Blender

18 Technicolor travel

Animation of a frenetic colored landscape.

Tools: Blender

19 Focus stack

Playing around with optics by slowly moving a focal plane through a series of text transparencies. No source files.

Link to animation:

Tools: Lens, transparent film, frosted film.

20 MovieBall

Create and animated texture by applying a movie as a transparent material to a ball.

Tools: Blender

21 Spinning shapes

Animation of various polygons rotating.

Tools: Blender

22 Motion Capture

Playing around with data from CMU's motion capture database.

Tools: Blender

23 Hiding Darwin

Playing with Texture normals to "hide" bust of Darwin in background image of a jungle.

Tools: Blender

24 Motion sphere

Animation of sphere reduced to timelapse image.

Tools: Blender

25 Effeciency

Text animation.

Tools: Blender

26 HexIsland

Simple Blender environment created with Blender Game Engine.

Tools: Blender

27 Reflections

The photographs were treated as an environmental background within a 3D environment. The final images are those photographs seen in highly reflective objects placed that environment. Link to results:

Tools: Blender, photographs

28 Normals

Created 16 different normal maps and tested them on highly reflective material.

Tools: Blender, Photoshop, photographs

29 Basket

Design for basket like lamp.

Tools: Blender

30 Cloth

Used cloth simulation to create a simple bowl.

Tools: Blender

31 AnyLegElk

Animation of running elk. No source files.

Tools: After Effects, Illustrator

32 FallingPaper

Scene of falling paper in front of office building.

Tools: Blender

33 Pool

Scene of a pool and soda machine.

Tools: Blender

34 Amusement

Long exposure of pho-amusement park rides.

Tools: Blender

35 Poisson Disk Tileable

Tileable poisson distribution.

Tools: Processing

36 Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Implementation of diffusion limtied aggregation.

Tools: Processing

37 DLA Tree

Tree diagram from Diffusion Limited Aggregation.

Tools: Processing

38 DLAPoisson

Diffusion limited aggregation combined with Poisson distribution.

Tools: Processing

39 ParticlePaths

Particle paths from Diffusion Limited Aggregation implementation.

Tools: Processing

40 Flowers

Drawing lines between neighbors of particles. Creates carnation like images.

Tools: Processing

41 Spheres

Particles near a set of points become visible.

Tools: Processing

42 Voronoisy

Voronoi diagram created by noisy particles.

Tools: Processing


Source files from my One Hundred Sketches Project.






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