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Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network
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Pull request Compare This branch is 2 commits behind octgn:master.
Latest commit fbfdcd3 Kelly Elton Fixed The Spoils ad
Failed to load latest commit information.
.nuget Remove the nuget package restore crap
chocolatey/dev/OctgnDevPackage-Express Updated chocolatey package.
deploy Auto generated commit for version
installer Auto generated commit for version
nuget Auto generated commit for version
octgnFX Fixed The Spoils ad
packages change update system
.gitattributes Updated .gitattributes
.gitignore Unignore .dotsettings
.gitmodules moved submodule
Autoupdating added autoupdate xmls (including update of database) Auto generated commit for version asdf Updated CLA url Updated Started working on updating licenses
OCTGN.sln Test mode determined by file and removed Release_Test build mode
OCTGN.sln.DotSettings Got system for localization
OCTGN.tss Added warning for users with Desktop Experience shut off - Kelly Updated CLA url
Version.cs Auto generated commit for version
currentversion.xml Auto generated commit for version
dummychange.txt Dummy
index.html Created gh-pages branch via GitHub
recentchanges.txt Fixed The Spoils ad
recentchangesrelease.txt Fixed some line endings
ss.txt Added ss file to artificially "shut down" server

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