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VBCorLib is a Visual Basic 6 implementation of many classes found in the .NET framework. The classes within VBCorLib can be used nearly identically as the .NET counterpart. This allows for easy data sharing between a .NET application and VB6.

  • Provides several collection types: ArrayList, Stack, Queue and Hashtable.
  • Provides several encryption algorithms: Rijndael, RSA, TripleDES, DES.
  • Provides many hashing algorithms: SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA516, RIPMED160, MD5.
  • Sign and verify data using HMAC.
  • Provides easy access to many encodings for text and file handling: UTF8, UTF7, UTF16, UTF32, and Windows supported encodings.
  • Easy String, Array and Date manipulation with a variety of classes.
  • Manipulate files with a variety of file handling classes.
  • Handles files larger than 2 gigs.
  • Provides a BigInteger to perform large calculations.
  • Utilize signed 64-bit integers.
  • Provides easy access to a console window.
  • And much more...

Documentation (Updated 2020-10-11)


There is a blog that I attempt to update on occasion at


WARNING: In order to get the correct windows EOLs that the VB6 IDE demands for repository users that access the sources using GitHub's Subversion checkout support, all maintainers (including PR requestors) must set their git autocrlf configuration to false:

git config --global core.autocrlf false
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