The VBCorLib framework brings many of the powerful .NET classes to VB6.
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VBCorLib is a Visual Basic 6 implementation of many classes found in the .NET framework. The classes within VBCorLib can be used nearly identically as the .NET counterpart. This allows for easy data sharing between a .NET application and VB6.

  • Provides several collection types: ArrayList, Stack, Queue and Hashtable.
  • Provides several encryption algorithms: Rijndael, RSA, TripleDES, DES.
  • Provides many hashing algorithms: SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA516, RIPMED160, MD5.
  • Sign and verify data using HMAC.
  • Provides easy access to many encodings for text and file handling: UTF8, UTF7, UTF16, and Windows supported encodings.
  • Easy String, Array and Date manipulation with a variety of functions.
  • Manipulate files with a variety of file handling classes.
  • Handles files larger than 2 gigs.
  • Provides a BigInteger to perform large calculations.
  • Provides easy access to a console window.
  • And much more...


The currently available documentation is for version 2.3 and is online at


There is a blog that I attempt to update on occation at