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This repo is a host for any little Unity scripts I write that are simple and easy for others to leverage. Each folder has its own README to explain the usage in more depth than here. All scripts are being written with the Unity 2019.4 LTS and may or may not work in earlier versions.


  • CacheBehaviour - A drop-in replacement for MonoBehaviour as a script base class that provides caching of all standard properties.
  • ConditionallyVisiblePropertyDrawer - A simple way to conditionally show/hide serialized properties on your objects.
  • Dispatcher - Provides a mechanism for invoking code on the main thread from background threads.
  • DrawTitleSafeArea - Simple component you add to a camera to render the title safe area.
  • Future - Simple implementation of the future programming concept.
  • SimpleSpriteAnimation - A very basic system for a simpler frame based animation for Unity's 2D system.
  • SnapToSurface - Editor tools to assist in positioning objects.
  • SortingLayer - Tools for working with Unity's new sorting layers.
  • StandardPaths - A static class that exposes good locations for saving files.
  • Sync Solution - Editor menu item to synchronize projects without opening them.
  • UnityConstants - Tool for generating a C# script containing the names and values for tags, layers, sorting layers, and scenes.


Simply clone the repository into the 'Assets' folder of a Unity project and you're good to go. If you're already using Git, you can use a submodule to check out into Assets without the Toolbag getting added to your repository.

Alternatively you can just cherry pick the features you want and copy only those folders into your project. Be careful, though, as some of the features may depend on others. See the individual feature README files to find out.

Other Unity Repos

Here are some other repos that contain Unity goodies:

  • Open Character Controller - Framework for building first and third person character controllers in Unity.
  • UnityTiled - This is my system for importing Tiled maps into Unity.
  • Awesome-Unity - This is a neat repo that just lists a bunch of other Unity repos. Check there for great stuff.


Please read the the guide for contributing before making any pull requests, please!

Shameless Plug

If you find any code in here to be useful and feel so inclined, you can help me out by purchasing a game from my company, Brushfire Games. Absolutely not required (this code is free) but definitely appreciated. :)


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