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github contributions summary calculation


This repository was created to gather concrete data to show on my personal website so that people can have a perceptual intuition on what I have done in my career.
It was intended to make general summary for any GitHub account.
The summary data includes how may repos an account owns and how many changes have made to those repos.

Simple Usage

If you want to use it for any reason, just fork this repo and set a github PAT in the repository secrets page and name it PAT.
Then modify the github actions yaml config. Change the environment variable for running the program to your desire github account login name.
The result will appear inside the output once it is done calculating.
Copy it and use it whereever you want.


  • Are you claiming others work as your own?

The answer is YES, but I did not intent to do it.
Here's the reason. If I want to really count how mamy changes I have made to a repo, I will have to clone alllllll of them and traverse every single commit and look into those changes and call git blame. It would be a lot of work for the computer and it is actually just a waste of computational power because there could be thousands of commits and thousands of lines of code made to that repo. It is just really time consuming and it does not worth.
Therefore I did just count all changes made to the repo instead.


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