AngularJS SPA that quizzes students on Roman numerals and tracks their results 🏛🏺
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Roman Numeral Quiz

This Roman numeral app was written in AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The app quizzes students on converting Arabic numerals to Roman numerals and tracks their progress.


  • Numbers are randomly generated for the students to convert to Roman numerals.

  • A JavaScript algorithm generates the correct Roman numeral and checks the student's answer when they press the "Check" button.

  • Students can generate unlimited random numbers to convert to Roman numerals by pressing the "New number" button.

  • AngularJS routing with UI-Router links to templates that allow the student to see their user history and the teacher to see suggestions for using the app in the classroom.

  • The "User History" template shows the user's total number of correct answers and their history of correct and incorrect answers. The data only exists as long as the user does not hit refresh.

  • The "Teachers" template provides a list of suggestions for how to use the app inside and outside the classroom.

  • Built in the AngularJS framework using controllers, services, templates, and routes.