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Simplified Supper

Simplified Supper is intended to make meal planning easy, allowing the user to see at a glance what they have coming up so grocery shopping is a breeze. By looking at the meals the user has planned for the week, Simplified Supper provides suggested recipes based on the percentage of ingredients that can be repurposed from your chosen meals.

Table of Contents

Project Requirements and Features List

Get Started

When a user first registers an account with Simplified Supper they will be taken through a series of prompts to select their first recipe. By selecting what type of cuisine and course they would like, the user is then presented with all recipes that match their search and are able to select any of them to view more details or add to the calendar, where they can then view their suggested recipes. Get Started GIF

Suggested Recipes

Once a user has a recipe on their calendar for the week they will be shown all matched recipes in order from highest percentage match of similar ingredients to lowest percentage match of similar ingredients. They can filter these results by cuisine and course, results will be updated in real time. They can also edit the recipes on their calendar or delete any recipes on their calendar and matched recipes will change accordingly. Recipe Suggestion Engine GIF

Technologies Used

Development Languages and Libraries

Development Tools

Instructions for Installing Simplified Supper

To launch the Simplified Supper app, you will need to have access to command line tools, node package manager, JSON Server. If you do not have access to any of these tools, you can find instructions for installing them in the Appendix.

Clone this repo on you personal machine using the following command

  git clone

Install the NPM dependencies for this project using the following commands

  cd simplified-supper
  npm install

From your terminal window, type

  npm start

Now that the server is up and running, you can open an internet browser and access the application


Congratulations you are now experiencing Simplified Supper!

Appendix 1: Planning Documentation

Entity Relationship Diagram

Simplified Supper ERD

Wireframes/ Mockups

Appendix 2: Set Up Instructions

You will need to have command line tools installed for your computer to use terminal commands.

Linux/ Windows users, please visit the Git page and follow the instructions for set up

Mac users follow the instructions below

Open your terminal and type

  git --version

You will now need to configure your git account. In the terminal window, type:

  git config -global "Your Name"
  git config -global "Your Email"

If you do not have Node.js installed on your machine, visit the Node.js Download Page and follow the instructions. To ensure that it is installed correctly, in your terminal window, type

  echo $PATH

Ensure that the result has the following in the $PATH


Now you can follow the installation instructions to get Simplified Supper up and running on your machine.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

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