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Hi Kelly,

I've added an option to enforce the update of cached css files on each request.
Certainly, this is nothing you want to use in production. Here is how I'm using it:
For very small projects, we don't want to have less files compiled in production environments. So we simply check in the compiled css files and deploy those. Using rack-less and let it recreate the cache files spares us an extra tool to do the job.


@fnordfish fnordfish new option enforcing cached files to be updated
overwrite the cached file if caching is enabled and the 'update_cache' option is set

well, that does not get it yet in real live.
the purpose is, to generate the cached file into the default public/stylesheets in order to get it served with non-rack-less production environments.


@fnordfish - let me restate what you are asking for and make sure I understand what you are wanting.

  • you generate compiled css files and check them into source control
  • you want to have those regenerated on every request so that as you are developing them new files are being written and you can check in the updates
  • right now, you can't tell rack-less to regenerate the files on every request, because when it generates the files, it just uses the ones previously generated.

Is that a correct description of the problem?

The only weird issue I see is that if you are writing files to public/stylesheets, how do you make it so your development env won't pick those up? Once stylesheets are generated there, I don't think requests for them even hit the rack stack? Am I correct?


@kelredd that's exactly what I was asking.
The thing is, that rack itself does not prefer static files unless you use Rack::Static.
So basically, if the request gets to your thin/webrick/whatever and is not redirected by some proxy (varnish/nginx/apache/...) this will hit rack. After that, it depends on the execution order of rack middle-wares.

@kellyredding kellyredding added a commit that referenced this pull request Dec 9, 2011
@kellyredding in response to #9:
* respond to the request even if the file has been cached.
@kellyredding kellyredding referenced this pull request Dec 9, 2011

in response to #9: #10


Closing in favor of solution in #10.

@kellyredding kellyredding added a commit that referenced this pull request Dec 10, 2011
@kellyredding version to v3.0.2
* better cache behavior (#10/#9)
* when caching, rack-less will always respond and re-cache (whether a cached file for the request exists or not)
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