command line utility and nodejs api equivalent of gulp-rev, grunt-rev, uses underlying rev- modules
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cli for generating asset manifests. based on gulp-rev, and uses the rev- modules for the hashing algo.

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gulp-rev and grunt-rev are great, but what if you want to just use package.json scripts for your dev and build process?

node api

import nodeRev from 'node-rev'

  files: 'dist/styles/**/*.css',//glob to files you want in the manifest
  outputDir: 'dist/styles',//where you want the files to be output that are part of the manifest
  file: 'dist/css-assets.json',//optional, allows you to specify location of manifest file and name it, default is root of the project
  hash: true//if you are in dev mode, you can set this to false to just have it create the manifest with the same filenames

this will result in the rev'd files being placed dist directory at the root of your project, and the asset menifest json file being placed in dist/css-assets.json.




The cli is installed as node-rev in the .bin directory of your projects node_modules folder

nodeRev 'dist/styles/**/*.css' --hash -o 'dist/styles' --file 'dist/css-assets.json'

sample package.json configuration:

"scripts": {    
    "css-manifest": "nodeRev 'build/account/public/style/**/*.css' --hash -o 'build/account/public/style/' --file 'build/account/css-assets.json'"