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A Gradle custom Plugin that allows running JSLint static analysis against JavaScipt code. A blog article accompanies this source code to explain its intent and implementation.
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Gradle JSLint Plugin

This is a simple Plugin for Gradle which wraps an existing Ant JSLint task and makes available it's static analysis capabilities for your Gradle builds.

More information about JSLint can be found at:

More about the jslint4java ant task can be found at:

The Gradle jslint Task can be configured with the following parameters(types and defaults are shown):

    List<String> inputDirs = ['.']    
    String includes = '**/*.js'
    String excludes = ''
    String formatterType = 'plain'
    String destFilename = 'jslint'
    boolean haltOnFailure = true
    String options = ''    

The formatterTypes available are: plain, xml, html

Here's an example which uses most of the options:

 jslint {
     inputDirs = ['webapp/js']
     haltOnFailure = false
     excludes = '**/metadata/'
     options = 'rhino'
     formatterType = 'html'

You can use a Github repository to provide version 0.2 of this plugin for your build. Here's a sample configuration that works with Gradle 1.2

    apply plugin: 'java'
    group = 'temp'

    buildscript {
                url = ''
        dependencies {
            classpath 'org.kar:gradle-jslint-plugin:0.2'

        mavenCentral() //needed by the plugin to retrieve the jslint jar

    apply plugin: 'jslint'

This plugin is made available under the Apache 2.0 license, I hope you find value and have fun with it!

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