Logs lost if LogEntries is unreachable. #2

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If there's a networking problem accessing LogEntries, the error will be logged to console.error(), but the log entry itself will discarded.

Other solutions I've seen involve pushing log entries on an in-memory queue, and flushing the queue when the connection is up again. It's important to have some upper-limit on the queue size in that design so memory doesn't end up exhausted from queue size growth.


If you wanted to depend on a LogEntries client instead of connecting directly, that project is working on exactly that kind of solution.

kelonye commented May 22, 2015

@markstos thanks for checking out the project!

I used this in a project where losing logs was okay .. however, a service like fluentd would be the way to go. Here's a plugin Woorank/fluent-plugin-logentries or with docker logs kiyoto/docker-fluentd/.

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