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SDFS - Instructions


  • JVM version 7 (tested with OpenJDK)
  • make

How to compile and run

The default make target compiles and runs the application.

When SBT compiles, it automatically runs JUnit tests, outputting passing test cases in green. It also runs findbugs, which prints nothing because there are no bugs.

How to use

Once the application is running, you should see a prompt:


Type "help" to see a list of commands you can use.

sdfs> help

Type "config" to see the current configuration.

sdfs> config

For the purpose of this demo, this output includes passwords for all of the keystores. Notice that the personal keystore file is set to "pki/server.jks" by default, which means you are acting as the "server" identity. The pki directory comes with keystores for the following identities:

  • server
  • client1
  • client2
  • client3

To create another keystore for "client4" with a cert signed by our CA, run from the pki directory:

$ ./ client4

To switch to another identity, such as "client2", type:

sdfs> set keystore.personal.file pki/client2.jks

This application is capable of running as both a client and a server: To begin acting as a server, type "server":

sdfs> server
Starting server on port 8443...
Server started on port 8443.

Likewise, "client" starts the client.

sdfs> client
Client connecting to localhost/
Client connected to localhost/

The host and port to which the client connects are specified in the config, which can be modified before starting the server/client with the "set" command.

sdfs> set host yourservername
sdfs> set port 8080

"put" sends a file to the server.

sdfs> put sas.txt
Calculating hash of `sas.txt'...
Putting file `sas.txt'...
sdfs> Put `sas.txt' (706.12 kB) in 221.7 ms (3.185 MB/s).

"get" retrieves a file from the server.

sdfs> get sas.txt
Getting file `sas.txt'...
sdfs> Sent `sas.txt' (706.12 kB) to `server' in 310.9 ms (2.271 MB/s).
Got `sas.txt' (706.12 kB) in 313.0 ms (2.256 MB/s).

"delegate" and "delegate*" do permission delegation.

sdfs> delegate sas.txt client2 "5 minutes" put
sdfs> delegate* sas.txt client2 "1 hour" get

You can quit any time you want.

sdfs> client stop
Stopping client...
Client disconnected from localhost/
Client stopped.

sdfs> server stop
Stopping server...
Server stopped.

sdfs> quit