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Configuration Guide

The confd configuration file is written in TOML and loaded from /etc/confd/confd.toml by default. You can specify the config file via the -config-file command line flag.

Note: You can use confd without a configuration file. See Command Line Flags.


  • backend (string) - The backend to use. ("etcd")
  • client_cakeys (string) - The client CA key file.
  • client_cert (string) - The client cert file.
  • client_key (string) - The client key file.
  • confdir (string) - The path to confd configs. ("/etc/confd")
  • interval (int) - The backend polling interval in seconds. (600)
  • log-level (string) - level which confd should log messages ("info")
  • nodes (array of strings) - List of backend nodes. ([""])
  • noop (bool) - Enable noop mode. Process all template resources; skip target update.
  • prefix (string) - The string to prefix to keys. ("/")
  • scheme (string) - The backend URI scheme. ("http" or "https")
  • srv_domain (string) - The name of the resource record.
  • srv_record (string) - The SRV record to search for backends nodes.
  • sync-only (bool) - sync without check_cmd and reload_cmd.
  • watch (bool) - Enable watch support.
  • auth_token (string) - Auth bearer token to use.
  • auth_type (string) - Vault auth backend type to use.
  • basic_auth (bool) - Use Basic Auth to authenticate (only used with -backend=consul and -backend=etcd).
  • table (string) - The name of the DynamoDB table (only used with -backend=dynamodb).
  • separator (string) - The separator to replace '/' with when looking up keys in the backend, prefixed '/' will also be removed (only used with -backend=redis)
  • username (string) - The username to authenticate as (only used with vault and etcd backends).
  • password (string) - The password to authenticate with (only used with vault and etcd backends).
  • app_id (string) - Vault app-id to use with the app-id backend (only used with -backend=vault and auth-type=app-id).
  • user_id (string) - Vault user-id to use with the app-id backend (only used with -backend=value and auth-type=app-id).
  • role_id (string) - Vault role-id to use with the AppRole, Kubernetes backends (only used with -backend=vault and either auth-type=app-role or auth-type=kubernetes).
  • secret_id (string) - Vault secret-id to use with the AppRole backend (only used with -backend=vault and auth-type=app-role).
  • file (array of strings) - The YAML file to watch for changes (only used with -backend=file).
  • filter (string) - Files filter (only used with -backend=file) (default "*").
  • path (string) - Vault mount path of the auth method (only used with -backend=vault).


backend = "etcd"
client_cert = "/etc/confd/ssl/client.crt"
client_key = "/etc/confd/ssl/client.key"
confdir = "/etc/confd"
log-level = "debug"
interval = 600
nodes = [
noop = false
prefix = "/production"
scheme = "https"
srv_domain = ""
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