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Template Resources

Template resources are written in TOML and define a single template resource. Template resources are stored under the /etc/confd/conf.d directory by default.


  • dest (string) - The target file.
  • keys (array of strings) - An array of keys.
  • src (string) - The relative path of a configuration template.


  • gid (int) - The gid that should own the file. Defaults to the effective gid.
  • mode (string) - The permission mode of the file.
  • uid (int) - The uid that should own the file. Defaults to the effective uid.
  • reload_cmd (string) - The command to reload config.
  • check_cmd (string) - The command to check config. Use {{.src}} to reference the rendered source template.
  • prefix (string) - The string to prefix to keys.


When using the reload_cmd feature it's important that the command exits on its own. The reload command is not managed by confd, and will block the configuration run until it exits.


src = "nginx.conf.tmpl"
dest = "/etc/nginx/nginx.conf"
uid = 0
gid = 0
mode = "0644"
keys = [
check_cmd = "/usr/sbin/nginx -t -c {{.src}}"
reload_cmd = "/usr/sbin/service nginx restart"