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Cluster Add-on: UI

Create kube-system namespace:


cat <<EOF > kube-system-ns.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: Namespace
  name: kube-system
kubectl create -f kube-system-ns.yaml 

List the all namespaces:

kubectl get namespaces

Spawn kube-ui Replication Controller:

curl -O
kubectl create -f kube-ui-rc.yaml

Create the kube-ui Service:

curl -O
kubectl create -f kube-ui-svc.yaml


kubectl --namespace=kube-system get rc,services

At this point the Kubernetes UI add-on should be up and running. The Kubernetes API server provides access to the UI via the /ui endpoint.

kubectl proxy --port=8080 &

The UI is available at on the client machine.

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