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Visual library and study tool for artists (Hackbright Project)
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Beautiful Lines

Learn more about the developer:

Check out the website (if you don't have a Pinterest Account, you can use the 'Guest Login' to check out the project):

Beautiful Lines is a visual library and study tool for Artists. In a real life drawing class, a model would pose in front of a class, changing poses at set intervals for students to study while drawing or painting. Beautiful Lines aims to replicate that experience for practice outside of class. Beautiful Lines makes it easy for artists to save images from anywhere online or they can transfer their saved boards/images from their Pinterest account, that they can then use in timed drawing sessions. Artists can also use Beautiful Lines to search the images they have saved or to search all images that have been saved on Beautiful Lines - to find references or new inspiration!

Table of Contents

Technologies Used

Logging in with Pinterest

####OAutho 2.0 Logging in with Pinterest Logging in with Pinterest Pinterest uses OAuth 2.0. When clicking on the 'Login' button on the homepage, users are redirected to login with their Pinterest account. In the future users will also have the option to login without a Pinterest account.

Saving from Pinterest

####Saving Boards Saving Boards from Pinterest Beautiful Lines requests the logged in user's boards from Pinterest, which are displayed under 'Your Pinterest'. A user can save an entire board (multiple times if they want).

####Saving Images Saving Images from Pinterest A user can save individual images either from boards requested from Pinterest or from boards saved to Beautiful Lines. After clicking 'Save' on an image, a modal listing the boards a user has saved to or created on Beautiful Lines is displayed, from which they can choose a board to save the image on.

Creating Boards and Images

####Creating Boards Creating Boards Users can create a new board on their homepage of Beautiful Lines, meaning they do not need to save images from Pinterest in order to use the site. The form for creating a new board requires the user to enter a 'Title' and 'Cover Image URL', and has the option for entering a 'Board Description'.

####Creating Images Creating Images Users can create new images on Beautiful Lines by navigating to the board they wish to save the image to. The form for creating a new image requires the user to enter the 'Image URL' and has the option for entering an 'Image Description'.

Editing or Deleting Boards and Images

Editing Boards Editing Images A user can edit or delete a board or image by clicking the 'Edit' or 'Delete' button under the board or image they wish to edit or delete. For boards, the 'Title', 'Cover Image URL', and 'Description' can be edited. For images, the 'Description' can be edited.


####Setting up a Study Session Studying The Study feature is the main feature for beautiful lines, where a user can choose how many images they want to study, and at what time interval they want to study each image.

####Displaying Images Studying After a user chooses a number of images to display and a time interval to display them at, the images are shuffled (so that each study session is unique) and then displayed in a modal. The modal displays each image for the selected time interval, and closes after all the images have been displayed.


Users have the option to search their own personal images, for finding references they have saved, and the option to search all the images saved to Beautiful Lines, to find new references and inspiration. In the future, users will have the option to make boards private if they don't want the images to appear in search results done by other users.

Version 2.0

Next features that will be added are a login for users who don't have or want to use a Pinterest account, an account and settings page, a more robust search that can find words related to a user's search words, a page for creating reference/project boards for saving images, process images, and color palettes together (possibly with an eyedropper for finding colors in an image), and an upload option so that users can upload their own images to boards.

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