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namespace Kelunik\Demo;
use Aerys\Request;
use Aerys\Response;
use Aerys\Websocket;
use Aerys\Websocket\Endpoint;
class Chat implements Websocket {
/** @var Endpoint */
private $endpoint;
private $connections;
private $ips;
public function onStart(Websocket\Endpoint $endpoint) {
// On server startup we get an instance of Aerys\Websocket\Endpoint, so we can send messages to clients.
$this->endpoint = $endpoint;
$this->connections = [];
$this->ips = [];
public function onHandshake(Request $request, Response $response) {
// During handshakes, you should always check the origin header, otherwise any site will
// be able to connect to your endpoint. WebSockets are not restricted by the same-origin-policy!
$origin = $request->getHeader("origin");
if ($origin !== "http://localhost:1337") {
$response->end("<h1>origin not allowed</h1>");
return null;
// returned values will be passed to onOpen, that way you can pass cookie values or the whole request object.
return $request->getConnectionInfo()["client_addr"];
public function onOpen(int $clientId, $handshakeData) {
// We keep one map for all connected clients.
$this->connections[$clientId] = $handshakeData;
// And another one for multiple clients with the same IP.
$this->ips[$handshakeData][$clientId] = true;
public function onData(int $clientId, Websocket\Message $msg) {
// yielding $msg buffers the complete payload into a single string. For very large payloads, you may want to
// stream those instead of buffering them.
$body = yield $msg;
// We use the IP as name for this simple chat app.
$ip = $this->connections[$clientId];
// If someone mentions an IP, we send the message only to clients with that IP and the sender itself.
if (preg_match("~@(\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+)\\b~", $body, $match)) {
list($all, $receiver) = $match;
$payload = $ip . " (private): " . substr($body, \strlen($all));
$clients = array_keys($this->ips[$receiver] ?? []);
if (!empty($clients)) {
$this->endpoint->multicast($payload, $clients);
$this->endpoint->send($payload, $clientId);
} else {
$payload = $ip . ": " . $body;
public function onClose(int $clientId, int $code, string $reason) {
// Always clean up data when clients disconnect, otherwise we'll leak memory.
$ip = $this->connections[$clientId];
unset($this->connections[$clientId], $this->ips[$ip][$clientId]);
if (empty($this->ips[$ip])) {
public function onStop() {
// intentionally left blank