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"""HTTP Authentication and Proxy support.
Copyright 2006 John J. Lee <>
This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the BSD or ZPL 2.1 licenses (see the file COPYING.txt
included with the distribution).
from _urllib2_fork import HTTPPasswordMgr
# TODO: stop deriving from HTTPPasswordMgr
class HTTPProxyPasswordMgr(HTTPPasswordMgr):
# has default realm and host/port
def add_password(self, realm, uri, user, passwd):
# uri could be a single URI or a sequence
if uri is None or isinstance(uri, basestring):
uris = [uri]
uris = uri
passwd_by_domain = self.passwd.setdefault(realm, {})
for uri in uris:
for default_port in True, False:
reduced_uri = self.reduce_uri(uri, default_port)
passwd_by_domain[reduced_uri] = (user, passwd)
def find_user_password(self, realm, authuri):
attempts = [(realm, authuri), (None, authuri)]
# bleh, want default realm to take precedence over default
# URI/authority, hence this outer loop
for default_uri in False, True:
for realm, authuri in attempts:
authinfo_by_domain = self.passwd.get(realm, {})
for default_port in True, False:
reduced_authuri = self.reduce_uri(authuri, default_port)
for uri, authinfo in authinfo_by_domain.iteritems():
if uri is None and not default_uri:
if self.is_suburi(uri, reduced_authuri):
return authinfo
user, password = None, None
if user is not None:
return user, password
def reduce_uri(self, uri, default_port=True):
if uri is None:
return None
return HTTPPasswordMgr.reduce_uri(self, uri, default_port)
def is_suburi(self, base, test):
if base is None:
# default to the proxy's host/port
hostport, path = test
base = (hostport, "/")
return HTTPPasswordMgr.is_suburi(self, base, test)
class HTTPSClientCertMgr(HTTPPasswordMgr):
# implementation inheritance: this is not a proper subclass
def add_key_cert(self, uri, key_file, cert_file):
self.add_password(None, uri, key_file, cert_file)
def find_key_cert(self, authuri):
return HTTPPasswordMgr.find_user_password(self, None, authuri)
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