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import os
import stdeb.util as util
from shutil import copy
from stdeb.command.sdist_dsc import sdist_dsc
from distutils.core import Command
__all__ = ['bdist_hdeb']
class bdist_hdeb(Command):
description = 'distutils command to create debian harmattan binary package'
user_options = [ ("aegis-manifest=", None, 'aegis manifest to use') ]
boolean_options = []
def initialize_options (self):
self.aegis_manifest = None
def finalize_options (self):
def run(self):
# generate .dsc source pkg
# execute system command and read output (execute and read output of find cmd)
dsc_tree = 'deb_dist'
target_dir = None
for entry in os.listdir(dsc_tree):
fulldir = os.path.join(dsc_tree,entry)
if os.path.isdir(fulldir):
if target_dir is not None:
raise ValueError('more than one directory in deb_dist. '
'Unsure which is source directory')
target_dir = fulldir
if target_dir is None:
raise ValueError('could not find debian source directory')
# inject custom logic to dh_builddeb (build digsigsums before and add aegis manifest after)
DEBNAME = self.distribution.get_name()+'_'+self.distribution.get_version()+'*_all.deb'
rules = open(target_dir+'/debian/rules', 'a')
rules.write('override_dh_builddeb:\n\tpython ../../ '+self.distribution.get_name()+\
if self.aegis_manifest is not None:
rules.write('\n\tar q ../'+DEBNAME+' _aegis')
# make aegies manifest avaiable to debian/rules
if self.aegis_manifest is not None:
copy(self.aegis_manifest, target_dir+'/_aegis')
# define system command to execute (gen .deb binary pkg)
syscmd = ['dpkg-buildpackage','-rfakeroot','-uc','-b']