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Can't run rake tasks on cedar stack, currently failing with Error R13…

… (Attach error) -> Failed to attach to process. This will make it easier for new users to set up in the meantime. [ci skip]
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@@ -82,29 +82,22 @@ for you. Checkout [Airbrake]( from the guys over at
git clone
- 2. Copy database settings from mongoid.example.yml, and commit mongoid.yml to repository
- cp config/mongoid.example.yml config/mongoid.yml
- sed -i "\|^config/mongoid.yml$|d" .gitignore
- git add config/mongoid.yml .gitignore
- git commit -m "Added mongoid.yml config for heroku."
- 3. Create & configure for Heroku
+ 2. Create & configure for Heroku
gem install heroku
- heroku create example-errbit --stack cedar
+ heroku create example-errbit
heroku addons:add mongohq:free
heroku addons:add sendgrid:free
heroku config:add HEROKU=true
heroku config:add
heroku config:add
git push heroku master
- 4. Seed the DB (_NOTE_: No bootstrap task is used on Heroku!)
+ 3. Seed the DB (_NOTE_: No bootstrap task is used on Heroku!)
heroku run rake db:seed
- 5. Enjoy!
+ 4. Enjoy!
**Configuring LDAP authentication:**

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