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Porting TODO

If anyone would like to take on any of these tasks, drop me a line on the mailing list: Even if you’re not sure how to do them intially, I’ll guide you through it.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and feel free to add to this list.

Minor tasks

  • Move this TODO list over to Mantis when Lynoure’s done with that
  • port all of the i18n().arg() calls
    • right now, there are many times where we use i18n(“%1 bar”).arg(foo), this has to be changed to be i18n(“%1 bar”, foo)
  • Clean up the #includes in all of the files
  • Use Phonon for the SoundContent, and perhaps AnimatedContent (and allow videos?)
  • Make sure KColorCombo2 and SystemTray work
    • I plan (after they’re ported) on submitting these two classes to kdelibs to replace them (they are a lot better than the ones in kdelibs currently); I’ve gotten the OK from Sébastien to relicense them to LGPL.
    • This task can be done independent of basket; it should be quite trivial to test if these work with a small test app.
  • Remove unix dependency (we include unistd.h in several places for stuff like usleep)
    • Initial patch done by Rui — just needs a touchup.
  • Remove QImageBlitz dependency (we just it just for fade; surely we can find another effect :)
  • Make sure AnimationContent behaves as expected
  • Double check all of the mimetype-replaced functionality we use. I’m not so confident about those changes
  • Stop using Global::config and KConfig pointers directly
    • Need to be ported to use KSharedConfigPtr’s.
  • Remove duplicate code in BNPView::showPassive*
  • Find out why the BNPView (which is a QSplitter) doesn’t resize right
  • Find out what’s causing the stray….dtd tags in the line edits when editing text (very likely the HTMLExporter)

Major tasks

  • Make sure all the coordinate system conversions are right when placing and drawing (especially in Basket)
  • Prepare for localization, try to use existing translations
  • Write some type of backup utility for Basket 1.0 baskets when upgrading (in case anything goes wrong, we don’t want people to lose their Baskets)
  • Kontact plugin (haven’t looked at it yet)
  • Use KRichTextEdit as our base text editor
    • needs discussion

After porting TODO

  • Re-do the note factories to make it more extensible and dynamic (so we can have plugins later, perhaps)
  • The things from the OpenUsability site
  • Large scale reworkings of the framework to accomodate Akonadi and the ideas from the OpenUsability site
  • Port Basket from Q3ScrollView to QGraphicsView
  • Split up all of the notecontents into separate files (and even a subdirectory)
  • See if the KDE guys will let me change KTextEdit to set “Allow Tabulations” always in kdelibs
    • Or at least some kind of menu accessor so I can actually do this.