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;;; org-page.el --- static site generator based on org mode
;; Copyright (C) 2012, 2013, 2014 Kelvin Hu
;; Author: Kelvin Hu <ini DOT kelvin AT gmail DOT com>
;; Keywords: org-mode, convenience, beautify
;; Homepage:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; See documentation at
;; Org-page is a static site generator based on org mode.
;; Org-page provides following features:
;; 1) org sources and html files managed by git
;; 2) incremental publication (according to =git diff= command)
;; 3) category support
;; 4) tags support (auto generated)
;; 5) RSS support (auto generated)
;; 6) search engine support (auto generated)
;; 7) a beautiful theme
;; 8) theme customization support
;; 9) commenting (implemented using disqus)
;; 10) site visiting tracking (implemented using google analytics)
;; 11) index/about page support (auto generated if no default provided)
;; 12) site preview
;; 13) highly customizable
;;; Code:
(require 'ox)
(require 'ht)
(require 'op-util)
(require 'op-vars)
(require 'op-git)
(require 'op-enhance)
(require 'op-export)
(require 'simple-httpd)
(defconst org-page-version "0.5")
(defun op/do-publication (&optional force-all
base-git-commit pub-base-dir
auto-commit auto-push)
"The main entrance of org-page. The entire procedure is:
1) verify configuration
2) read changed files on branch `op/repository-org-branch' of repository
`op/repository-directory', the definition of 'changed files' is:
1. if FORCE-ALL is non-nil, then all files will be published
2. if FORCE-ALL is nil, the changed files will be obtained based on
3. if BASE-GIT-COMMIT is nil or omitted, the changed files will be obtained
based on previous commit
3) publish org files to html, if PUB-BASE-DIR is specified, use that directory
to store the generated html files, otherwise html files will be stored on branch
`op/repository-html-branch' of repository `op/repository-directory'
4) if PUB-BASE-DIR is nil, and AUTO-COMMIT is non-nil, then the changes stored
on branch `op/repository-html-branch' will be automatically committed, but be
careful, this feature is NOT recommended, and a manual commit is much better
5) if PUB-BASE-DIR is nil, AUTO-COMMIT is non-nil, and AUTO-PUSH is non-nil,
then the branch `op/repository-html-branch' will be pushed to remote repo."
(let* ((f (y-or-n-p "Publish all org files? "))
(b (unless f (read-string "Base git commit: " "HEAD~1")))
(p (when (y-or-n-p
"Publish to a directory? (to original repo if not) ")
(read-directory-name "Publication directory: ")))
(a (when (not p)
(y-or-n-p "Auto commit to repo? ")))
(u (when (and a (not p))
(y-or-n-p "Auto push to remote repo? "))))
(list f b p a u)))
(setq op/item-cache nil)
(let* ((orig-branch (op/git-branch-name op/repository-directory))
(to-repo (not (stringp pub-base-dir)))
(store-dir (if to-repo "~/.op-tmp/" pub-base-dir)) ; TODO customization
(store-dir-abs (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name store-dir)))
changed-files all-files remote-repos)
(op/git-change-branch op/repository-directory op/repository-org-branch)
(op/prepare-theme store-dir)
(setq all-files
#'(lambda (file)
(let ((root-dir (file-name-as-directory
(expand-file-name op/repository-directory))))
(member t
#'(lambda (cat)
(file-relative-name file root-dir)))
(op/git-all-files op/repository-directory)))
(setq changed-files (if force-all
`(:update ,all-files :delete nil)
(op/git-files-changed op/repository-directory
(or base-git-commit "HEAD~1"))))
(op/publish-changes all-files changed-files store-dir-abs)
(when to-repo
(op/git-change-branch op/repository-directory op/repository-html-branch)
(copy-directory store-dir op/repository-directory t t t)
(delete-directory store-dir t))
(when (and to-repo auto-commit)
(op/git-commit-changes op/repository-directory "Update published html \
files, committed by org-page.")
(when auto-push
(setq remote-repos (op/git-remote-name op/repository-directory))
(if (not remote-repos)
(message "No valid remote repository found.")
(let (repo)
(if (> (length remote-repos) 1)
(setq repo (read-string
(format "Which repo to push %s: "
(prin1-to-string remote-repos))
(car remote-repos)))
(setq repo (car remote-repos)))
(if (not (member repo remote-repos))
(message "Invalid remote repository '%s'." repo)
(op/git-push-remote op/repository-directory
(op/git-change-branch op/repository-directory orig-branch))
(if to-repo
(message "Publication finished: on branch '%s' of repository '%s'."
op/repository-html-branch op/repository-directory)
(message "Publication finished, output directory: %s." pub-base-dir))))
(defun op/new-repository (repo-dir)
"Generate a new git repository in directory REPO-DIR, which can be
perfectly manipulated by org-page."
(list (read-directory-name
"Specify a directory to become the repository: " nil nil nil)))
(op/git-init-repo repo-dir)
(op/generate-readme repo-dir)
(op/git-commit-changes repo-dir "initial commit")
(op/git-new-branch repo-dir op/repository-org-branch)
(op/generate-index repo-dir)
(op/git-commit-changes repo-dir "add source")
(op/generate-about repo-dir)
(op/git-commit-changes repo-dir "add source")
(mkdir (expand-file-name "blog/" repo-dir) t))
(defun op/verify-configuration ()
"Ensure all required configuration fields are properly configured, include:
`op/repository-directory': <required>
`op/site-domain': <required>
`op/personal-disqus-shortname': <optional>
`op/personal-duoshuo-shortname': <optional>
`op/export-backend': [optional](default 'html)
`op/repository-org-branch': [optional] (but customization recommended)
`op/repository-html-branch': [optional] (but customization recommended)
`op/site-main-title': [optional] (but customization recommanded)
`op/site-sub-title': [optional] (but customization recommanded)
`op/personal-github-link': [optional] (but customization recommended)
`op/personal-google-analytics-id': [optional] (but customization recommended)
`op/theme': [optional]
`op/highlight-render': [optional](default 'js)"
(unless (and op/repository-directory
(file-directory-p op/repository-directory))
(error "Directory `%s' is not properly configured."
(symbol-name 'op/repository-directory)))
(unless (file-directory-p (op/get-theme-dir))
(error "Org-page cannot detect theme directory `%s' automatically, please \
help configure it manually, usually it should be <org-page directory>/themes/."
(symbol-name 'op/theme)))
(unless op/site-domain
(error "Site domain `%s' is not properly configured."
(symbol-name 'op/site-domain)))
(setq op/repository-directory (expand-file-name op/repository-directory))
(unless (or (string-prefix-p "http://" op/site-domain)
(string-prefix-p "https://" op/site-domain))
(setq op/site-domain (concat "http://" op/site-domain)))
(unless op/theme
(setq op/theme 'mdo))
(unless op/highlight-render
(setq op/highlight-render 'js)))
(defun op/generate-readme (save-dir)
"Generate README for `op/new-repository'. SAVE-DIR is the directory where to
save generated README."
(format "Personal site of %s, managed by emacs, org mode, git and org-page."
(or user-full-name "[Author]"))
"This git repository is generated by org-page \"op/new-repository\" \
function, it is only used for demonstrating how the git branches and directory \
structure are organized by org-page.")
(expand-file-name "README" save-dir)))
(defun op/generate-index (save-dir)
"Generate for `op/new-repository'. SAVE-DIR is the directory where
to save generated"
(concat "#+TITLE: Index" "\n\n"
(format "This is the home page of %s."
(or user-full-name "[Author]")))
(expand-file-name "" save-dir)))
(defun op/generate-about (save-dir)
"Generate for `op/new-repository'. SAVE-DIR is the directory where
to save generated"
(concat "#+TITLE: About" "\n\n"
(format "* About %s" (or user-full-name "[Author]")) "\n\n"
" This file is automatically generated by org-page.")
(expand-file-name "" save-dir)))
(defun op/insert-options-template (&optional title uri
keywords tags description)
"Insert a template into current buffer with information for exporting.
TITLE: the title of this post
URI: the uri of this post, usually looks like: /2013/12/27/the-post-title,
the following parameters could be used:
%y: to represent the year of creation date
%m: to represent the month of creation date
%d: to represent the day of creation date
KEYWORDS: the keywords of this post, used by search engine
TAGS: the tags of this post, should be separated by comma and space
DESCRIPTION: the description of this post, it will be displayed in RSS feed
Note that this function does not verify the input parameters, it is users'
responsibility to guarantee these parameters are valid."
(let* ((i (read-string "Title: "))
(u (read-string "URI(%y, %m and %d can be used to represent year, \
month and day): " (unless (string= i "")
(format-spec "/blog/%y/%m/%d/%t"
`((?y . "%y")
(?m . "%m")
(?d . "%d")
(?t . ,(encode-string-to-url i)))))))
(k (read-string "Keywords(separated by comma and space [, ]): "))
(a (read-string "Tags(separated by comma and space [, ]): "))
(d (read-string "Description: ")))
(list i u k a d)))
(if (not (bolp)) (newline))
(insert (format
"#+TITLE: %s
#+AUTHOR: %s
#+EMAIL: %s
#+DATE: %s
#+URI: %s
#+TAGS: %s
#+OPTIONS: H:%d num:%s toc:%s \\n:%s ::%s |:%s ^:%s -:%s f:%s *:%s <:%s
(if (string= title "") (buffer-name) title)
(format-time-string (substring (car org-time-stamp-formats) 1 -1))
(if (string= uri "") "<TODO: insert your uri here>" uri)
(if (string= keywords "")
"<TODO: insert your keywords here>"
(if (string= tags "") "<TODO: insert your tags here>" tags)
nil ;; org-export-with-section-numbers
nil ;; org-export-with-toc
;; org-export-html-expand
nil ;; org-export-with-sub-superscripts
nil ;; org-export-with-special-strings
(if (string= description "")
"<TODO: insert your description here>"
(defun op/new-post (&optional category filename)
"Setup a new post.
CATEGORY: this post belongs to
FILENAME: the file name of this post
Note that this function does not verify the category and filename, it is users'
responsibility to guarantee the two parameters are valid."
(let* ((c (read-string "Category: " "blog"))
(f (read-string "filename: " "")))
(list c f)))
(if (string= category "")
(setq category "blog"))
(if (string= filename "")
(setq filename ""))
(unless (string-suffix-p ".org" filename)
(setq filename (concat filename ".org")))
(let* ((dir (concat (file-name-as-directory op/repository-directory)
(file-name-as-directory category)))
(path (concat dir filename)))
(op/git-change-branch op/repository-directory op/repository-org-branch)
(if (file-exists-p path)
(error "Post `%s' already exists." path))
(unless (file-directory-p dir)
(mkdir dir t))
(switch-to-buffer (find-file path))
(if (called-interactively-p 'any)
(call-interactively 'op/insert-options-template)
(op/insert-options-template "<Insert Your Title Here>"
"add, keywords, here"
"add, tags, here"
"add description here"))
(defun op/do-publication-and-preview-site (path)
"Do publication in PATH and preview the site in browser with simple-httpd.
When invoked without prefix argument then PATH defaults to
(if current-prefix-arg
(list (read-directory-name "Path: "))
(list op/site-preview-directory)))
(op/do-publication t nil path)
(httpd-serve-directory path)
(browse-url (format "http://%s:%d" system-name httpd-port)))
(provide 'org-page)
;;; org-page.el ends here