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make op/git-files-changed work even repo-dir is not ending with /

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jixiuf committed Feb 6, 2017
1 parent bef1e2f commit 3aa7d24b807b93f8b94968040f6000e48ed4238d
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@@ -92,9 +92,9 @@ only two types will work well: need to publish or need to delete.
(--each (split-string output "\n")
(when (string-match "\\`[A|M]\t\\(.*\.org\\)\\'" it)
(!cons (concat repo-dir (match-string 1 it)) upd-list))
(!cons (concat git-repo (match-string 1 it)) upd-list))
(when (string-match "\\`D\t\\(.*\.org\\)\\'" it)
(!cons (concat repo-dir (match-string 1 it)) del-list)))
(!cons (concat git-repo (match-string 1 it)) del-list)))
(list :update upd-list :delete del-list)))

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