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Library: Atomthreads
Author: Kelvin Lawson <>
License: BSD Revised
This folder contains a set of automated tests which can be used to prove
reliable operation of all kernel facilities.
Each kernel module has an associated set of test modules which are
designed to thoroughly exercise and prove all APIs and usage scenarios.
Tests are run on the embedded target device and can therefore be used to
gain confidence in ports to your target hardware or CPU architecture.
Developers of new CPU architecture ports can take advantage of the thorough
coverage provided by these tests to considerably speed up development and
validation time.
The automated test suite is built automatically from the architecture port
folder. Instructions are included in the README file for each port, which
describes the process for building test applications as well as downloading
to and running the tests on the target device.
If you wish to write additional tests you can base them on the file
test-template.c. This contains an empty test function with the correct
API for use by port test launchers.
The test functions return the number of failures which can be used by the
port's test launcher application to report the test result. Tests can,
however, also call ATOMLOG() to print details out on a UART or similar
if such a facility is available on the port in question. These log
messages can be omitted from an architecture port if desired.
When writing generic tests to run on all CPU architectures, bear in mind
that Atomthreads can run on tiny 8-bit devices with limited RAM and other
resources. For this reason it aids portaibility if tests are broken up into
modules which do not consume large amounts of processor resource. For
example the number of test threads should ideally be kept low in order to
allow smaller systems to accommodate the thread stack requirements.
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