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This is a Marvell Kirkwood machine layer for openembedded-core.
Provides two machine configurations but should be easy to
extend to other Kirkwood platforms (these are currently
identical anyway):
* Netgear Stora (MS2110): Tested inc SATA, USB, RTC.
* Sheevaplug: Not yet tested.
Linux kernel is currently 2.6.35-rc1 pulled from Marvell
orion git repository. Patches are applied to add support
for the Netgear MS2110 (NetStora) machine.
Netgear Stora patches are from Bryan McGuire's repository:
Angstrom instructions:
* Add this layer to the "sources" folder and add to
* Optionally add Git repo to sources/layers.txt if
you wish to update automatically from Git.
* Run "./ config <machine>" where machine is
"netstora" or "sheevaplug".
* Build an image (e.g. "bitbake console-image").
* Kernel and rootfs are created in deploy folder.
Boot via TFTP (kernel) and NFS (rootfs):
* Save u-boot variables (arcNumber valid for NetStora):
* setenv mainlineLinux yes
* setenv arcNumber 2743
* saveenv
* Set bootargs for NFS mount:
* Set up NFS server exporting a folder containing rootfs
* Unpack Angstrom-xxx.tar.gz from deploy/images folder
into rootfs location (must be done as root).
* setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/nfs rw
* Boot kernel via TFTP:
* Place uImage-<machine>.bin from deploy/images folder
(e.g. uImage-netstora.bin) into TFTP root.
* tftpboot 0x800000 uImage-netstora.bin
* bootm 0x800000
Boot kernel and rootfs from flash (applies to NetStora):
* Save u-boot variables (arcNumber valid for NetStora):
* setenv mainlineLinux yes
* setenv arcNumber 2743
* saveenva
* Build an image/rootfs with the mtd-utils package.
* Boot the kernel/rootfs via TFTP/NFS as described above.
* Copy the kernel and rootfs .ubi image to TFTP server root.
* From a serial/SSH terminal:
* TFTP the kernel and flash to /dev/mtd1:
* cd /tmp
* tftp -g -r uImage-netstora.bin
* flash_eraseall /dev/mtd1
* nandwrite -p /dev/mtd1 /tmp/uImage-netstora.bin
* TFTP the .ubi image and flash to /dev/mtd2:
* cd /tmp
* tftp -g -r rootfs.ubi
* ubiformat /dev/mtd2 -y -f /tmp/rootfs.ubi
* ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 2
* mkdir /mnt/ubifs
* mount -t ubifs ubi0 /mnt/ubifs
* Check that the rootfs has mounted successfully in /mnt/ubifs.
* Configure uBoot to boot from flash:
* setenv bootargs_root ubi.mtd=2,0 root=ubi0 rootfstype=ubifs
* setenv bootargs_ip ip=
* setenv bootcmd 'nand read.e 0x800000 0x100000 0x300000; setenv bootargs $(console) $(bootargs_root) $(bootargs_ip); bootm 0x800000'
* saveenv
* Reboot and check it runs, or run immediately using 'run bootcmd'.
Send pull requests via
Layer maintainer: Kelvin Lawson <>