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Add README.AddingFirmware file. Basically telling people not to.

Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <>
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+ ======================================
+This directory is only here to contain firmware images extracted from old
+device drivers which predate the common use of request_firmware().
+As we update those drivers to use request_firmware() and keep a clean
+separation between code and firmware, we put the extracted firmware
+This directory is _NOT_ for adding arbitrary new firmware images. The
+place to add those is the separate linux-firmware repository:
+ git://
+That repository contains all these firmware images which have been
+extracted from older drivers, as well various new firmware images which
+we were never permitted to include in a GPL'd work, but which we _have_
+been permitted to redistribute under separate cover.
+To submit firmware to that repository, please send either a git binary
+diff or preferably a git pull request to:
+ David Woodhouse <>
+Your commit should include an update to the WHENCE file clearly
+identifying the licence under which the firmware is available, and
+that it is redistributable. If the licence is long and involved, it's
+permitted to include it in a separate file and refer to it from the
+WHENCE file.
+Ideally, your commit should contain a Signed-Off-By: from someone
+authoritative on the licensing of the firmware in question (i.e. from
+within the company that owns the code).

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