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This permission map was built by Adrienne Porter Felt, Erika Chin, and Steve
Hanna at the University of California, Berkeley.
We welcome bug reports (errors and omissions in the permission map) at:
and we will credit anyone who contributes.
The permission map is based on our tests of Android 2.2 on a Nexus One,
although we have added information for other versions and devices.
Of particular note:
-- ACCESS_GPS and ACCESS_LOCATION were deprecated in an early version of
Android and do not appear in this permission map. However, they may be
needed by older applications.
-- We were unable to test WiMax functionality on Samsung or Motorola devices.
They likely have classes similar to HTC's
-- Some permissions really do not exist anywhere, such as BRICK.
-- android.os.IMountService exists in Android 2.1 and lower. replaces it in Android 2.2 and higher.
-- The following are not in this public map because they are deprecated but,
if you want to know them for use analyzing older applications:
Delete,content://calendar (API 2.1 and lower),
Read,content://calendar (API 2.1 and lower),
Update,content://calendar (API 2.1 and lower),
Write,content://calendar (API 2.1 and lower),
We would like to thank:
Royce Cheng-Yue and Kathryn Lingel for their help testing the API and system
Content Providers.
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