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[Changes since last revision]
+[2010-10-16: VERSION 0.5.0]
+Fix several bugs and add many new features and tests. See [git logs]( and [lighthouse reports]( a complete overview.
+* [NEW] `initialize` user defined hook allows initialization after libs are loaded but before routes are processed
+* [FIXED] error_handler_dispatch: now exit properly after errors that stop application [#39]
+* [NEW] tests: helpers/assertions for HTTP testing
+* [FIXED] improve compatibility with PHP 5.3
+* [NEW] url_for support for GET params
+* [NEW] optional HTTP status code parameter to redirect_to (usually you'll want HTTP_SEE_OTHER)
+* [NEW] before_render user defined filter to transform view before rendering
+* [FIXED] flash_now` and `flash` return null when getting an undefined flash var, not all flash vars. [#38]
+* [NEW] Auto rendering feature
+* [NEW] User defined autoload_controller to customize the loading of controllers
+* [CHANGED] Add $routes variable to before() and after() functions
+* [NEW] Add gzip option
+* [NEW] Improve URLs handling: special characters support and extra GET params with or without url_rewriting.
+* [FIXED] Adding a security option that prevents output in require_once_dir
[2009-11-30: VERSION 0.4.6]
* [CHANGED] for IIS/Windows compatibility: file_path() normalizes paths in *nix way, even on windows (backslashes are converted in slashes, double slashes are replaced by one). Refactoring options paths in run() to fix paths on windows.

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