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from git import GitWindowCommand
class GitStashCommand(GitWindowCommand):
may_change_files = True
def run(self):
self.run_command(['git', 'stash'])
class GitStashPopCommand(GitWindowCommand):
def run(self):
self.run_command(['git', 'stash', 'pop'])
class GitStashApplyCommand(GitWindowCommand):
may_change_files = True
command_to_run_after_list = 'apply'
def run(self):
self.run_command(['git', 'stash', 'list'], self.stash_list_done)
def stash_list_done(self, result):
# No stash list at all
if not result:
self.panel('No stash found')
self.results = result.rstrip().split('\n')
# If there is only one, apply it
if len(self.results) == 1:
self.quick_panel(self.results, self.stash_list_panel_done)
def stash_list_panel_done(self, picked=0):
if 0 > picked < len(self.results):
# get the stash ref (e.g. stash@{3})
self.stash = self.results[picked].split(':')[0]
self.run_command(['git', 'stash', self.command_to_run_after_list, self.stash])
class GitStashDropCommand(GitStashApplyCommand):
command_to_run_after_list = 'drop'
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