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{ "name": "Git Commit Message",
"scopeName": "text.git-commit",
"fileTypes": ["COMMIT_EDITMSG"],
"patterns": [
{ "name": "comment.line.number-sign.git-commit",
"match": "^\\s*(#).*$\n?",
"captures": {
"1": { "name": "punctuation.definition.comment.git-commit" }
{ "name": "meta.diff.git-commit",
"comment": "diff at the end of the commit message when using commit -v, or viewing a log. End pattern is just something to be never matched so that the meta continues untill the end of the file.",
"begin": "diff\\ \\-\\-git",
"end": "(?=xxxxxx)123457",
"patterns": [
{ "include": "source.diff" }
"uuid": "de3fb2fc-e564-4a31-9813-5ee26967c5c8"
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